Ten Uses for a Bamboo Swaddle Cloth


We absolutely love bamboo swaddle cloths! I’ve been using them for so many different things ever since Matilda was born, so I thought I’d let you all know how amazing they are and what we use them for.

We do have lots of the regular cotton swaddles and muslins but we don’t bother with these anymore as they just don’t compare to how super soft the bamboo ones are. So on the very first day that Matilda came home from the hospital we started using these cloths to swaddle her in when she was sleeping. However, although swaddling a baby is a great idea and a lot of babies love it (as it makes them feel all snuggled like being back in the womb) Matilda didn’t like being swaddled very much, she alway riggled out of it and put her hands behind her head.

Although we stopped using the cloths as an actual swaddle I still loved using them as a nursing cover. The bamboo cloths are not only super soft and look great, they are also breathable, which make them great when breast feeding as I could cover myself and Matilda very easily whilst keeping Matilda from getting too hot and flustered under a thick cloth.

When out and about I alway throw a swaddle over Matilda when she was in her Maxi Cosi or pram as a blanket. We also use them as a tradition muslins to clean up mess, especially in the early days when Matilda and I were constantly covered in sick.

Now we have just started weaning we are using these as a lovely large bib. Using two ends to tie the cloth around Matilda’s neck, her whole body is then covered so none of her clothes get spoilt.

As we haven’t had much sun yet I’ve not actually managed to try this one out, but I’ve been told that the bamboo swaddles are also great for hanging over the pram / stroller to cover babies from the sun. Don’t completely cover them, just hang loosely providing a little extra shade for the face and remembering to leave lots of space for the air to circulate. Again as the material is breathable it will keep the babies cool but covered. We are off on our holidays next week so I’m sure the cloth will come in handy then for this purpose.

Another great use we have just found is a play mat. As Matilda has just started sitting up unaided we lie the swaddle cloth on the floor as a play mat when out in public, or to help protect other people’s carpets from accidents during playdates with friends.

 I once read that trolleys at the supermarket are dirtier than toilet seats. So now I always throw one of these cloths over the trolley seat before I put Matilda into it. These kids will try and bite and suck anything, so I’d rather it be a cloth than the dirty supermarket trolley.

The above are all reasons I love these cloths, but Matilda’s favourite use for them is as a security blanket. She has never taken to a dummy so when it came the time for her to try and self sooth we didn’t really know what to. Then as we watched her trying to fall a sleep we could see that she was trying to pull at blankets and clothes and rub them on her cheeks to help her fall to sleep. So one day as she was tired and falling to sleep in my arms for an afternoon nap (which of course she would only do in my arms), I handed her one of the bamboo swaddles and she rolled an edge up in her hands and rubbed it on her cheeky until she fell a sleep.

Finally, some of my friends have also said that when the kids are older and the swaddle had become abit worn they make great cleaning cloths. Especially for polishing glass and mirrors.

So there we have it, ten great uses for the breathable bamboo swaddle cloth:




Nursing cover

Play mat


Covering the pram

Trolley seats

Security blanket

Cleaning rag

Some of these bamboo swaddles can be expensive (we were lucky enough to be bought the majority of ours as gifts), but as you can see they are amazing and I don’t think I could go a day without these in our life’s again. When Matilda was born her aunt bought a pack of three Aden and Anais bamboo cloths (£38.95) and her gran bought her an Isla and Wilbur cloth (£18.00). Then recently we came across the Zippy brand and I bought a pack of two cloths (£20.00. We loved the Zippy bamboo swaddles just as much as the others so we even decided to stock them on Milo and Matilda.


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