Life as a mummy of a silent reflux and cows milk protein allergy baby

So I have been putting off writing this blog for months now, as I have tried to block those painful months out of my memory.
Matilda was three weeks old when she started showing signs of silent reflux, one day she just started screaming and wouldn’t stop until she was sleeping.
At this point I was exclusively breastfeeding, for the first three weeks Matilda loved my milk. But at the point that she started to be upset all the time she also didn’t want to feed. She would latch on and I could tell she was hungry, she would drink for a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes and then pull away upset, coughing, spluttering and choking. When she was asleep she would pull faces like she was in pain. I could see the pain in her face and see that something was coming up her throat but then back down again and hurting her.
I spoke on the phone to the health visitors and they advised to speak with a Breast feeding support worker. The next day the breast feeding support worker came round and she suggested that I had an over supply of milk (after the three week growth spurt), which meant Matilda was getting too much fore-milk rather than hind-milk which was giving her tummy ache. To stop this I should either express an ounce of milk before each feed (this seemed silly to me as this would then only up my supply further) or block feed (do three feeds from one breast then switch) to make sure she was getting to the hind-milk. So I did the one ounce expressing for one day (before deciding I thought this was silly) then I went to block feeding, but after several days this had no effect whatsoever.
I spoke to more breastfeeding workers and they said that what I was doing should work.
I was also using gripe water and infacol and they were also not working.
I was getting upset everyday, thinking that I just want to feed my baby but knowing that something was making her all upset when I did, and I didn’t know how to help her.
Night after night I spent my time reading forums and blogs and I was becoming more convinced that all the signs pointed to silent reflux.
So by week five I took her to the doctors, they said she ‘just had colic’ and some babies ‘just cry’. I knew they were wrong, let’s call it mothers instinct.
The day after I saw the doctor I had the health visiter come around. She was the first person to actually watch Matilda while we tried to feed and she said ‘she hasn’t got colic, you can see she’s in pain. She definitely has silent reflux’. So again the next day I headed to the doctors, who told me that he didn’t believe she had silent reflux and even if she did he couldn’t give me gaviscon because breastfed babies can’t have gaviscon. I left heartbroken, not knowing what to try next.
That night Milo’s mummy sent me the picture of the back of the infant gaviscon packet which clearly stated – breastfed babies can have gaviscon mixed in water in a bottle before a feed. So the following day off I stormed back into the doctors, furious and I told them I wasn’t leaving until they gave me gaviscon.
So I was giving her this for two days. Yes I know two days doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you have a baby that is to upset to feed and screaming every single minute she is awake, two days is a lifetime, I just couldn’t take it any longer. One of those days was so bad that I nearly walked out of a baby massage class as Matilda was so upset, after the class I cried all the way to Boots, where I bought a tommy tippee perfect prep machine and some formula milk – I couldn’t carry on thinking my breastmilk was making my baby so upset. I went back to the doctors and luckily for Matilda and I we managed to see a different doctor and I demanded that I get a referral straight away to the hospital as nothing was working. The doctor was very understanding and did us an emergency referral to the paediatrics for next working day. We were then seen by the hospital the day after that.
The paediatrician advised that Matilda had cows milk protein allergy. I still wasn’t convinced, I questioned how he knew it was that and not silent reflux when the symptoms are so similar and all he had done was look at her. He advised that they are similar and therefore they usually atreat it as a milk allergy which can cause silent reflux and treating the allergy will stop the reflux. So he prescripted Matilda ‘Pepsi 1’ formula milk.
Matilda was on this milk for one week and we saw no signs of improvement. So I was back on the phone to the Paediatrician who then prescripted ‘Neocate‘ milk.
The Neocate seemed to help Matilda slightly, but she would still scream the majority of the time she was awake. As she was a little better I gave it three works to make sure my breast milk was out if her system and the Neocate had a real chance to work. But she was still so unhappy, we would go out and see people but I would’t trust anyone to hold her as I felt I was the only one that could sooth her. I never left her side for the first ten weeks of her life.
So at ten weeks I spoke with the Paediatrican again and advised that she still has signs of silent reflux even though I haven’t given her any cows milk for four weeks. So he then prescripted Omeprazole for reflux (FINALLY).
Matilda then started to get better, she started smiling more and having fun rather than crying all the time. It still wasn’t easy – the neocate milk tasted awful (yes I tried it) and she kept going through periods of not feeding, and up until she was about ten months old she would never drink more than 3-4 oz at a time. Which meant she didn’t stay full very long so I had to keep trying to get her to feed little and often, but this then caused a feeding aversion and made her refuse the bottle even more. The dietician told us to try her with food any time after she was four months old – as most CMPA babies hate their milk so trying them with food would be exciting for them. But not Matilda, she didn’t like food either (we started her at five months), she still associated drinking and eating with pain.
Just before Matilda turned one we saw the dietician again and started her on the milk ladder. She flew through it and was drinking whole cows milk three weeks after starting the ladder. I know most babies do out grow CMPA within the first year anyway but I still do believe that she never truly had CMPA and it was silent reflux all along. I 100% believe in mothers instinct. Looking back I would have liked to have carried on breastfeeding and cutting cows milk out of my diet and just trying her on reflux medication. However, at the time Matilda and I were both so upset everyday that I didn’t want to wait 4/6 weeks for the cows milk to go out of my breastmilk I wanted an instant solution to the problem, which I was giving her milk that definitely had no cows milk in it.
Every baby is different and different medication, milk and even soothing techniques work differently for each child.
But for Matilda I would say the key signs of silent reflux were:
Coughing / Spluttering
Difficulty feeding (pulling away from breast / bottle)
Excessive crying
Arching her back during and after a feed / drawing her legs up to her tummy after feeding
Swollen Tummy

Personalised Children’s Backpacks


We are super excited about the release of three new personalised items on the Milo and Matilda store that we thought we should share the news with you all.

For Milo and Matilda’s summer holidays they both had a cute world map design mini backpack. We decided to have their names embroidered on to them to add a little personalised touch.

During our holidays we received so many comments about the backpacks that we decided it would be a great idea to stock similar items on the Milo and Matilda website.

Therefore, we sourced four adorable backpack designs (world map, colourful creatures, flamingo bay and rusty the fox) to create adorable personalised children’s backpacks.  The colourful creatures and flamingo bay designs also have matching small packed lunch style bags and personalised aprons (ideal for baking and painting) available.

For the slightly older kids we have also started to personalise two drawstring bags – red riding hood and monsters of the world.

These have arrived at the best time as they make ideal customer gifts.

The Best Kind Of News.

Milo’s Story

The day I found out I was pregnant was an amazing but tough day. I had just eaten goats cheese and smoked salmon on toast, after a weekend away on the Guinness in Dublin, so it honestly wasn’t expected.

I’d always wanted to plan a surprise if we were lucky enough to fall pregnant, like the ones you see on you tube. You know, some buns in the oven or a t-shirt on Halloween with a skeleton baby in my skeleton tummy. What I didn’t expect was to be making a call over FaceTime and sharing the news to Milo’s daddy thousands of miles away (3,823.1 miles to be exact – I should know I googled it enough times) because he was in the desert, the sandpit they call Kuwait. He had been there for a year. At the time I was only weeks away from making the move myself, I’d stayed behind when he left to finish renovating the house that we had bought just before he was headhunted for a job away from home.

And for those of you wondering how you can get pregnant with 3,823.1 miles between you, we did see each other approximately every three weeks and it only takes one cheeky careless moment to create a miracle. Even my cheeky dentist made the joke about who was the daddy.

I don’t remember much of the call, I remember I facetimed from the toilet. I asked him to sit down and then I said I’d something to show him. Then there were tears (mainly from me) and a lot of the f*** word (in a good way) as I tried to position a bloody iPhone camera over a positive pregnancy test. In a perfect world that’s not how I would have broken the news, but at least it gives us something to laugh about now.

We found out in October, and we were exactly 12 weeks on Christmas Eve. We were even luckier to have our twelve week scan that morning. We couldn’t have timed that better if we’d been trying, and it did make for some very special surprises on Christmas Day. I finally got the chance to be creative, although watching back the videos I wouldn’t share them with the world, they are so special to us. But I’ll talk about them another time or I’ll be here all day.

I think if I could have it any other way I’d still have done it the same. It certainly wasn’t how I’d dreamt it would happen but it’s a story to tell, and if we are lucky enough to fall pregnant again then I’ve plenty of ideas saved, and I will definitely not be doing it over FaceTime.


Matilda’s Story

Before becoming pregnant I had always dreamt of doing a pregnancy test, finding out it was positive and then wrapping the stick up in a little box (yeah so maybe it’s a little gross), then handing it to my husband as a gift on a romantic date and watching his super happy face as he realised what his gift meant. However it didn’t really happen like that. I ended up doing the pregnancy test while my husband was around, however it was still amazingly perfect for us to wait together for those two and a half excruciating minutes, eagerly waiting to see how many lines would show up on the test.

So I also didn’t get the dream reveal to Matilda’s daddy, however just as Milos mummy did once we found out it was positive we got to tell our families in special ways. But let’s save that for another time.

Alcohol alternatives when pregnant!


When I was pregnant I found it hard to find a nice drink to have as an alternative to my usual wine or cocktail. Throughout the nine months I had a lot of social events like family parties and hen weekends and I must have tried all the alcohol free drinks and didn’t really enjoy any of them.

I usually drink Prosecco or Long Island Ice Teas. So first I tried a number of different non alcohol wines and cocktails – all of which were far to sweet and fruity for me. None of the wines tasted anything like wine 😦

Next I tried alcohol free ciders, again way too fruity (even more than normal cider), then on my friends hen party I decided to bring along some Shloer and alcohol free Becks. Becks was by far the best and did surprisingly taste slightly like lager.

So on all of those social events I was very disappointed that I’d even wasted money on these drinks and not just stuck to diet cola – at least I would have known what I was getting.

However, the other day my husband brought home Belvoir Elderflower drink for my in laws that were coming for dinner. I really enjoyed a glass of this with our food and then after thought – this would have been great as a nice refreshing alternative to alcohol when I was pregnant.

If you are pregnant and love fruity drinks you will be fine, if not then I’d say try Elderflower or just stick to the pop, juice and plenty of water!

Shloer prize

Perfect Gifts for Teachers

Teachers work their backsides off to give our little monkeys the best chances in life. They teach them all the things that we can’t and educate them for the life ahead.
My mum was a teacher, and it didn’t mean much to me when I was little except for that last week of term…..because that was when my mum would bring home 30 boxes of chocolates and because no mummy can eat that much my brother and I would get our pick. It was like a second Easter in our house, only with no bunnies, no eggs, but lots of quality street. My mum, as much as she appreciated all the boxes of tasty chocolates would always say how nice it would be to get something other than chocolates.

Well times have changed and these days teachers get less chocolates and plenty of other things. So this got us thinking, what can you buy those lovely ladies and gentlemen who work so hard at making our tiny humans clever.

A drinking vessel – We loved this ‘I Can’t Adult Today Mug’ so much when we first came across it that we decided to stock it at Milo and Matilda. Perfect for a teacher, it’s a great way to remind them that it’s summer and they have six weeks off from being an adult! We admit it, both of us in the Milo and Matilda office use this mug, it makes it a little hard when doing the tea run, especially when we forget which one has the sugar in, but honestly we couldn’t love this mug anymore than we do right now! We are sure any teacher would feel the same.


Chocolates – If you are going to go down the traditional route and buy a box of something cheeky, we suggest getting something special. Hotel Chocolat is known for some of the finest and tastiest chocolates. You don’t have to spend more just buy a small token. We especially love these Caramel Tiddly Pots. If I was a teacher I’d keep a box of these in my desk at all times for nibbling on demand.

Space form are well known for there lovely little glass tokens. These are the tiny gifts that last. These are a lovely way to show a teacher that they were special to your child. We love the one below, but there are other designs available, and some come with options to personalise them also.

Pamper Gift Basket – Teachers work hard, they deserve a cheeky bit of pampering at the end of term. This is something you can put together yourself. Buy a small basket or box, put in a relaxing candle, bottle of bubble bath or a lush bath bomb and some luscious hand cream will do the trick (a favourite of mine is this Loccitane Shea Butter one.)          If your teacher is a man this can easily be adapted to suit, throw in a black pepper scented candle, some sandalwood soap and a bottle of whiskey scented bubble bath and your on your way to gift perfection.
If you haven’t got the time to make a gift basket there are a couple of lovely companies that we have seen who create some amazing baskets, including this Organic Pamper Box designed specifically for teachers.



Flowers – Another of the more traditional gifts, but flowers can be so much more than a bunch. Try getting something that lasts a little longer, like potted flowers or a cactus. This way the gift isn’t finished in a week and can be enjoyed for weeks to come. We have just discovered this amazing flower company Bloom & Wild, they have a range of flowers that can be delivered through the letterbox. We especially love ‘The Jamie’ as this Trio of Succulents which are long lasting look absolutely amazing. Marks and Spencer offer a slightly larger version without the cute packaging.


We asked a couple of teachers this week what the best gift was that they received from their little ones. One said Gin, we love that.

Finally a great suggestion from one of the teachers mentioned above was a class or group present. If you and some of the other mums are close it might be nice to club together and buy a the teacher something special. A little piece of jewellery or a larger version of the pamper hamper would be a super treat for any special teacher.

Whatever you decide on, the thanks from your tiny human is more than enough to put a smile on any teachers face for the summer…..however a bottle of gin will make that smile much bigger.

The perfect child free night away – Oulton Hall Review


Last week my husband and I spent our very first night away from Matilda and took ourselves off on a relaxing spa break. We absolutely love spending all of our time with Matilda, but a day and night away was just amazing.

We booked an overnight spa package through – Spa Breaks. The package included – access to the spa, one 60 minute treatment each, light lunch, £28 each towards our evening meal and Bed and Breakfast at Oulton Hall.

We arrived at 1:30pm and headed straight for the spa. Our first impressions were a little disappointing, as we walked down the path from the spa car park to the spa entrance the gardens were very over grown and run down – you could tell no gardening had been done this Spring / Summer.

However, once inside the Spa was lovely – we headed to the juice bar to grab our light lunch. The food was great, I had the Asian bento box and my husband had the English one. I would highly recommend both of these, I’m a massive fan of scones with clotted cream, and the English box was great for this. Once we had very full tummies we then relaxed in the spa, we spent a nice hour moving between the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. I was once told that when you are on a date away from your kids not to talk about them, unless its about fun things you are planing to do – so we chilled in the jacuzzi discussing our bucket list and all exciting places we want take Matilda.

We both had a ‘Fit for Business’ back massage, my massage was amazing. The girl that carried out the massage was lovely, she talked me through all of the different oils and massage pressures. I’ve had quite a few back massages, all around the world and that was definitely the best. However, I think the experience is a bit hit and miss, as my husbands message was a little shorter than mine and he wasn’t that impressed with the massage or the overall experience. I think he was a little sad when I told him how great my girl was, he loves a good massage and he wasn’t asked which oil or pressure he would like 😦 After the massages we did a little more relaxing in the spa and planning our future.

At around 5:30pm we went and checked into our room, the room was nice, it looked as though the bedroom had recently been decorated and the bathroom newly tiled. After throwing our bags in the room we thought it was about time we headed outside and had a drink in the champagne bar! The champagne bar is located on the other side of the hotel to the spa, overlooking the golf course. The gardens here were a lot nicer and as it was a lovely sunny day it was great to have a little chill in the sun before it was time to get ready for our evening meal.

FullSizeRender (4)

We thought we would make the most of our child free night and have a glass of wine whilst getting ready for dinner, the hotel staff were more than happy enough to bring us up a wine bucket and some wine glass so we could crack open the bottle we had brought with us.

Our evening meal was in the Calverley Grill, we weren’t expecting much as we don’t normally have great experiences in hotel restaurants. However, we were pleasantly surprised, for starters I had the goats cheese and my husband had the broccoli soup, for mains we both had the chicken with chunky chips and then we shared a creme caramel for dessert. The starters and main were amazing and had real flavour to them. Neither of us liked the dessert but I think that was just down to personal preference – as we didn’t really like the texture. All the food was covered in our £56 food allowance. Drinks could not be included in the allowance so we just paid the extra for our wine and beer.

The next morning breakfast did not disappoint. The majority of the food was a self serve buffet with a few items like pouched eggs available to order. So we stocked up on lots of lovely food before our drive home.

So all in all we had a fabulous time on a little night away and I would definitely recommend a spa break (and Oulton Hall) for those tired parents in need of a chill day and night.

Matilda’s Mummy

The Best Baby Shower Games


I loved my baby shower and I also loved planning all of my friends showers. So if you are organising a shower and you are stuck for what games to play here is my ultimate top games. I have played ALOT, but these are the ones I have found most fun organising, playing and getting people involved with.

Guess that Poo

This is a fantastic classic. Get a variety of different chocolate bars and just before the baby shower, melt each one into a different nappy. All the guests then need to smell and taste each nappy and guess which is which. You will have all your guests bonding over how funny it looks eating poo out of a nappy.

Baby Food Tasting

Get together a few random foods that are easy enough to mash / puree – the smeller the better. If you have any little jars those work perfectly, if not dig out your small tupperwear boxes. Place a different puree in each jar and have the guests perform a taste test.

Sweets in a Bottle

Place two different types of sweets into two baby bottles – count the sweets as you place them in (M&M and Skittles work really well). Have the guests guess how many sweets are in each bottle. This game is great as the mummy to be gets to keep the two bottles afterwards.

Play-Doh Babies

Give all the guests a blob of play-doh, they then have 10 minutes to create the cutiest play-doh baby. The mummy to be then gets to judge who has created her the best looking baby. This is another game that will have all the guests giggling away and reminiscing about their childhood.

Late-Night Nappy Notes

Okay so this isn’t really a game but more of a fun activity. Before everyone arrives place a nappy and a pen on their seat / table. Have all guests write a funny quote, words of encouragement, inside jokes etc. I loved reading all of my nappy notes at 3am in the morning when changing Matilda’s nappy – it made those middle of the night wakeup calls that little bit easier and funnier.

So if you are a Mummy to be – congratulation and I hope you love your baby shower.

If you are a bestie that is organising  a shower – have fun, arrange the above games I guarantee your guests will have a great time.

Matilda’s Mummy x

Baby Script Balloons are ideal for your Baby Shower deco – only £6 from