Product Review – Zippy Bibs

Meet Mr. Dribble…..

So Milo likes to dribble…..and I mean he is a dribbler. We’ve had clothes so wet that he looks like he’s just taken a dip, head first, into the sink. I’ve suffered severe embarrassment at mother and baby groups because my child looks like an extra from the little mermaid and it never seemed to matter what I did he was always wet.

I have in the past tried bibs of every type, style and brand and his clothes still ended up soggy around the neck and on at least two or three occasions he ended up with the dreaded dribble rash.

Then one day we were at a trade show, with the business version of Milo and Matilda not the human versions. We hadn’t seen much to be honest and we’re just about to head home when we came across Zippy Bibs. We were pretty much sold based on the stunning designs and the multi layers providing extra dribble protection but I’m always a sceptic until I’ve tried something out. So that’s exactly what I did.

Milo rocking his Zippy Bibs in his first ever home photo shoot


I just love love love these Bibs! What more can I say…..well lots actually but I’ll stick to the basics.

Finally we can now go a full day without needing multiple changes, there hasn’t been a wet neck since and there most definitely hasn’t been dribble rash. Not only that but Milo looks even cuter in these adorable bibs (if he could look any cuter than he already is of course) and we have one suitable for any outfit. The cotton top layer is stylish and soft but it’s the secret under layer of a water-resistant fleece that is the magic to these bibs. It is impenetrable to baby dribble, it has solved the issues that I had with wet necks and multi clothes changes and I just love them (just in case I haven’t made that clear already)
My favourite thing is the two press stud design aspect, giving you use of the bibs from birth to approx two years of age. They wash well and still look fantastic despite spending half their time either covered in dribble or spinning around the washing machine.

They are available individually or in a set of 4. With so many designs to choose from you’d be hard pushed to only buy one set. I can’t recommend them enough!

Zippy Bibs – available in a set of 4 for £12


I was given a set of these zippy bibs to sample and try before we retailed them. As always, all our reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Film Review

Yesterday I took a few hours off from being mummy and became the little girl again. I went to the IMAX with my mum and grandmother to see the new Disney ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film. The original film was one of my absolute favourites when I was a child and I can still remember going to the cinema with my friends in 1991 to see it.

The film was amazing and the casting, costumes and sets really did just make the original film come to life. Most of the dialogue and soundtrack is the same. However, there are a few new scenes and songs along the way – which I didn’t love very much. But that could just be because of how much I love and know the original songs.

I wouldn’t say I was normally a very big fan of Emma Watson, but she did play the character of Belle very well. We all love a Disney princess and Belle is one of the best – she is a great inspiration to our little girls – smart, strong and brave. We also love the fact that Disney is showing our children that love really can conquer all.


Welcome us to the world of blogging….

This is super exciting.

Now lets be honest, we don’t expect millions of readers or to become the next you tube vlogging sensation (i’m not sure even we know what vlogging is?) However if nothing else comes of this then it would be nice for the kids to look back 20 years from now and read a few stories, see what we did when they were tiny and how we tried to create a life that could involve staying at home and watching them grow.

We might not talk about anything of any importance, but then just the other day one of the babies wise grandmas said ‘to a little one the little things are the big things. Make sure you listen to them when they tell you about those little things, then one day they will trust you with the real big things……’ Or something to that effect. Sounded really inspirational to us anyway.

Now lets introduce ourselves. A group of friends for well over 15 years now, we have grown together, gone to college, then university, traveled the world together and then finally we have done this. Probably the hardest thing, yet by far more rewarding than anything else we have done. We had babies. Tiny humans who will rely on us for at least the next 18 years, our parents say thats laughable and its at least the next 30, but we will start with 18. Long gone are the days we’d drive around for hours laughing endlessly at just how funny we thought we were. Now there are so many car seats, prams/pushchairs/strollers and changing bags we can’t even share a car.

It was once we started Maternity leave we decided that going back to work full time was not an option, babies really do grow too quick and we didn’t want to miss out on anything, because we just can’t get enough of the snot, sick, poo explosions and other daily delights our children treat us too. That’s when Milo & Matilda was born. A small independent business, a place where the most beautiful handpicked goodies for tiny people are sold.

I guess thats it to start. All thats left to say is congratulations (to ourselves) on starting this blog.