The Best Baby Shower Games


I loved my baby shower and I also loved planning all of my friends showers. So if you are organising a shower and you are stuck for what games to play here is my ultimate top games. I have played ALOT, but these are the ones I have found most fun organising, playing and getting people involved with.

Guess that Poo

This is a fantastic classic. Get a variety of different chocolate bars and just before the baby shower, melt each one into a different nappy. All the guests then need to smell and taste each nappy and guess which is which. You will have all your guests bonding over how funny it looks eating poo out of a nappy.

Baby Food Tasting

Get together a few random foods that are easy enough to mash / puree – the smeller the better. If you have any little jars those work perfectly, if not dig out your small tupperwear boxes. Place a different puree in each jar and have the guests perform a taste test.

Sweets in a Bottle

Place two different types of sweets into two baby bottles – count the sweets as you place them in (M&M and Skittles work really well). Have the guests guess how many sweets are in each bottle. This game is great as the mummy to be gets to keep the two bottles afterwards.

Play-Doh Babies

Give all the guests a blob of play-doh, they then have 10 minutes to create the cutiest play-doh baby. The mummy to be then gets to judge who has created her the best looking baby. This is another game that will have all the guests giggling away and reminiscing about their childhood.

Late-Night Nappy Notes

Okay so this isn’t really a game but more of a fun activity. Before everyone arrives place a nappy and a pen on their seat / table. Have all guests write a funny quote, words of encouragement, inside jokes etc. I loved reading all of my nappy notes at 3am in the morning when changing Matilda’s nappy – it made those middle of the night wakeup calls that little bit easier and funnier.

So if you are a Mummy to be – congratulation and I hope you love your baby shower.

If you are a bestie that is organising  a shower – have fun, arrange the above games I guarantee your guests will have a great time.

Matilda’s Mummy x

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