Does white noise help babies sleep?


So my answer is a definite YES!

Matilda was a very upset newborn. As a family we had to fight colic, a milk allergy and silent reflux, which meant we had endless hours of screaming. Matilda is also one of those few a babies that did not want a dummy – so white noise was a life saver for us. Whenever she was having one of her screaming fits the only way we could calm her down was to play white noise, using the ‘Sound Sleeper’ app – in particular the hairdryer and hoover.

So if you are reading this because you have a colicky baby I really do feel your pain, and it’s annoying when people say it will get better – but it really will, and hopefully white noise will work for your family :). White noise did not stop Matilda screaming completely when she was screaming from 5pm until 11pm but a lot of the time it did seem to calm her. The ‘Sound Sleeper’ app was great because the volume does seem to go a lot higher than most white noise machines, and this really is needed when a baby is screaming at the top of their lungs. I would hold Matilda tight to my chest, rock her and gently tap her bum whilst my husband would play the white noise on this phone next to us. I would keep doing this until she stopped screaming and would fall to sleep.

Before Matilda’s prescription milk and silent reflux medication started to work, she would cry none stop in between feeds. Our lives were sleep, feed, scream repeat. So after / or during a feed Matilda would just start screaming, there was no consoling her with anything put white noise. Even my parents and grandparents could not believe how magical it was, I could sit rocking her, walk around soothing her – but she would not stop screaming until I turned on the white noise. She would then start to calm down and fall to sleep.

As Matilda is now older we still use the white noise during her day time naps. She is such a light sleeper. If I put her down to sleep even just closing the door wakes her up. So now she has the white noise on when she is napping so that I can get my jobs done around the house.

There are also many fun little white noise machines out there for babies, like Ewan the Dream Sheep and Soothe and Glow Seahorse. These didn’t work for Matilda as a new born as they don’t play for that long and were not loud enough. But from about six months old she started to love these at bed time, we alternate between the two and turn these on at the start of her bed time routine. Ewan is just adorable and soft, his belly lights up and he plays four different heartbeat and womb sounds which lasts for 20 minutes – this is an ideal time for getting Matilda ready for bed, putting her down and helping her drift off to sleep. Soothe and Glow Seahorse also has a light up tummy and features eight lullabies and classical music with two ocean tracks – however with this you are unable to choose which sound to play, the seahorse just runs through all eight on repeat. The seahorse only plays for five minutes, which some times isn’t quiet long enough to help Matilda drift off to sleep. However, I think the Seahorse may just be one for kids a little older for Matilda.

So to conclude I think white noise is great, it reduces stress is babies (whether thats stress from colic, being ill, being over-tired, under-tired, overwhelmed from this new world) and helps babies fall to sleep and stay asleep for longer.

Matilda’s Mummy